3/24 March Play With Clay - A Healing Playtime Evening for Adults

3/24 March Play With Clay - A Healing Playtime Evening for Adults

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Creation of form has powerful healing abilities. Come play & enjoy an evening of free self expression while exploring the medium of clay. This "class" is designed to be  therapeutic playtime for adults. As adults, we very rarely give ourselves the opportunity to play & create without the pressure of perfection. This time is open studio time to do just that! 

Each guest will receive 2lbs of clay & 2 hours to enjoy working with the medium in whatever capacity you choose. You can explore hand-building or sculpting, or briefly try the pottery wheel in a space free of judgement or pressure. I will be available to guide & help folks through any specific project they be interested in trying, as well as offering ideas for those who may be new to clay or unsure of what they want to make. Pieces can be made for functional (food-safe) purposes or purely decorative. There is  no pressure to keep & fire anything you make! Sometimes, the real joy in working with clay comes from the process & not the product. 

All classes are BYOB & you are free to bring any refreshments you'd like! Cost of class time covers clay, clear glazing, firing, & light guided instruction. This class is designed for adults ages 16 & older. Though I do hope attendees find some healing through working with clay, please remember that I am not a licensed therapist & this "class" is designed to simply offer guided studio access, NOT therapy. 

My suggestions for a more enjoyable experience:

- Short fingernails are not a requirement but you will have a MUCH easier time working with clay if your nails are shorter.

- Similarly, pinning up hair is not a requirement but a suggestion for a better experience.

- Buff clay will stain light colored fabric, aprons are available but please come in clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Black and darker fabrics will not stain. 

- Street parking is available & is not time limited.

- This class is 14yo+ , anyone under 16yo should be accompanied by an adult. All classes are BYOB for anyone ages 21+. 

Pieces will be available to pickup within 5-7 weeks of class, as they need proper time to dry & be fired in the kiln twice.