4/5 Ceramic Pipes
4/5 Ceramic Pipes
4/5 Ceramic Pipes

4/5 Ceramic Pipes

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A step by step guided workshop to create your own ceramic pipe! These pieces are created by forming a slab around a wooden dowel, closing the seam then removing the dowel slightly to form the intent for smokables. After the form is created, your pipe can be decorated however you want! This class is beginner friendly & your helpful instructor (me) will be with you each step of the way to guide you through the journey!

My suggestions for a more enjoyable experience:

- Short fingernails are not a requirement but you will have a MUCH easier time working with clay if your nails are shorter.

- Similarly, pinning up hair is not a requirement but a suggestion for a better experience.

- Buff clay will stain light colored fabric, aprons are available but please come in clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Black and darker fabrics will not stain. 

- Street parking is available & is not time limited.

- This class is 14yo+ , anyone under 16yo should be accompanied by an adult. All classes are BYOB for anyone ages 21+. 

Pieces will be available to pickup within 5-7 weeks of class, as they need proper time to dry & be fired in the kiln twice.